About INSP North America

INSP North America is a bureau of the International Network of Street Papers (INSP).

INSP North America exists to support new and existing street papers in Canada, Mexico and the United States in strategic alignment with INSP as a whole. INSP North America is fiscally sponsored by Real Change, an award-winning street paper in Seattle, Washington.

INSP North America works to maintain a strong and supportive regional network that supports the effectiveness of street papers throughout North America, and worldwide. The bureau works to provide increased learning opportunities for street papers through peer-to-peer relationships, technical assistance, and ongoing capacity building projects. We also support North American street papers to access and get the most from INSP’s core projects including the News Service, the Global Street Paper Summit and the INSP Awards.

INSP North America is proud to support quality independent journalism and helping give thousands of people experiencing homelessness and poverty a hand up through the sales of local street papers in 29 cities in North America.


To increase the impact and sustainability of North American street papers, and the global street paper network to alleviate poverty and homelessness.

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Israel Bayer is the director of INSP North America. He is the former executive director of Street Roots in Portland, Oregon, USA. Israel has also worked for Real Change in Seattle, Washington, USA. Israel is an award-winning journalist and housing advocate.

Twitter: @IsraelBayer

Israel works alongside and is supported by the INSP team in Glasgow, Scotland.


For enquiries about INSP North America, contact Israel israel@insp.ngo.