VIDEO: Head of Greek newspaper cooperative expresses solidarity with street papers

The closing keynote in INSP’s Athens summit this week was a truly inspiring address by Nicholas Voulelis, director of Greece’s top independent newspaper Efimerida ton Syntakton [The Journalists’ Paper].

Voulelis spoke to delegates about his organisation, which is run as a cooperative of 130-150 journalists, many of whom lost their jobs after Eleftherotypia, a respected left-wing paper went bankrupt.


The veteran journalist explained how Ef Syn has emerged as one of the most popular papers in Greece, and has become a go-to source for ethical and reliable news.

As a truly independent voice for all citizens of Greece, Voulelis said he saw many parallels between the world’s street papers and his own publication.

He also spoke of the similarities and his respect Greece’s street paper Shedia and the work of the whole INSP network, as well as the difficulty in running a paper of 130 staff as a co-op.

You can watch Voulelis’ full address and his conversation with INSP delegates in the video below (click to play).