Our vendors: June Fullerton (The Big Issue, Westbourne, UK)

When June’s husband died five years ago, she struggled to cope. Soon she was in a lot of debt and worried about losing her home. Thanks to selling The Big Issue, she has worked her way out of trouble.

Alarming trend shows homelessness crisis across Europe

New report by EU homelessness organisation Feantsa shows homelessness and housing exclusion on the rise across Europe – except in Finland.

Our vendors: Sheila White (Street Sense, Washington D.C., USA)

Sheila has lost many things in her life, but never her creativity or her desire to make a difference. Through art, poetry and activism, she uses her experience with homelessness to educate the public and advocate for others in her position.

Britain’s dark history of criminalising homeless people in public spaces

As the number of people sleeping rough in England has grown, antiquated laws see homeless people criminalised for simply existing.

INSP brings together top journalists to fight back against fake news

As the global war against truth rages, the Alternative journalism vs. ‘alternative facts’ event on 30 March will explore how alternative forms of journalism can lead the fight against fake news.

Our vendors: Vickie (The Contributor, East Nashville, Tennessee, USA)

Vickie is currently homeless and battling cancer for the second time. She sells The Contributor to provide for her family.

Big Issue vendor Daniel adds poetic voice to national conversation on housing

Popular Glasgow vendor Daniel Collins has turned his Glasgow wit and wisdom into a poem that contributes to a nationwide discussion on land and housing.

Rising street paper star found dead on US street

In January, INSP was delighted to report on the incredible story of Raven Canon, an activist in Colorado Springs who launched brand new street paper The Springs Echo, whilst sleeping rough. A little more than a month later, we are saddened to be reporting on her death.

Our vendors: Roger Meier (Surprise, Bern, Switzerland)

Roger Meier used to work in construction: he helped renovate the concrete walls of the Mühleberg nuclear power plant and once plastered a concrete dam. Now he sells Surprise at the Bärenplatz in Bern.

Pope Francis tells street papers it’s “always right to give help” to homeless

A year and a half after he first spoke to street papers, the Holy Father met Scarp de’ tenis vendor Antonio Mininni and the paper’s editor Stefano Lampertico.

Our vendors: Frances (Augustin, Vienna, Austria)

Frances wanted to become a university lecturer in her home country of Nigeria, but she was forced to leave. After arriving in Austria, she began selling Augustin to support herself. Now in the second year of her Master’s degree in Sociology, she sells the paper as often as her studies allow.

“This opportunity is thrilling” – INSP’s new Intensive Learning Programme kicks off

Participants about to set off on international placement scheme to strengthen street papers and share ideas.