New Hungarian homeless law could mean the end for Flaszter

A new law came into force Hungary in November last year, making rough sleeping punishable with a fine of up to HUF 150.000 (roughly £400). Read more from the BBC.

Ildikó Gyergyói, Executive Director of 
Flaszter in Budapest, wrote to INSP today to explain the situation facing their street paper.

He said that it is now no longer possible sell anything on the street without a license and that the authorities have refused to make an exception for street newspapers. Anyone caught selling on the streets without a licence will face a HUF 15.000 (£40) fine, or face community service or prison if they are unable to pay.

Although some of Hungary’s more rural areas are more tolerant of homeless people, Flaszter’s sales in these areas cannot sustain the project. 
Ildikó Gyergyói said “Unless there is a change in the law and in Hungarian social politics, we can see no way to sustain Flaszter and support our vendors”.