Megaphone vendor Suzanne throws the first pitch

By Suzanne Kilroy, Megaphone vendor

Every summer, Megaphone vendors and staff attend a Vancouver Canadians baseball game together at Nat Bailey Stadium. It’s a fun occasion to get together outside of work, and it’s been an annual tradition for one vendor to throw out the first pitch at the game.

Who gets to throw it? A vendor whose best sales pitch gets the most votes from customers. Suzanne Kilroy’s sales pitch won this year – a sweet moment for a vendor who has just returned back to Vancouver after months living outside the city. She writes about the day.

Photo: Jessica Hannon

Though I was nervous because I’d had a wild evening the previous night, it was joyous and exciting being on that field with all of those people watching me in the crowd (and meeting those really cute baseball players!). I threw a strike!

To be a part of Megaphone’s first pitch contest was fun, though my competitors were my brothers and sisters (the other Megaphone vendors). All of them are great sisters and brothers. I was really glad to win!

Here’s my winning sales pitch that customers voted for online: “I have interuptitis, and if I could I’d
 like to interrupt your day for a couple 
of minutes to tell you how Megaphone created employment for me and helped me stop working in dangerous situations.”

That sales pitch – and throwing the first pitch – will be memories that will stay with me for a long time.
I have just recently moved back to Vancouver after 16 months away. I was in 
the interior of B.C., in my community, which was really boring, but was great to be with family. I am so happy to be back home!

They say home is where the heart is; home is where you feel you have family. All of the people who read about me – and support Megaphone, all the other vendors, the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre, and WISH are all my family.

Photo: Jessica Hannon

Selling Megaphone gives me something to do now during the day, though my husband supports us and our home.

Megaphone allows me to buy the little things I want, like make-up, hair toys, and candy to share with the homeless and to support my independence.

Having a handful of my supporters back, I am going to keep plugging away and continue to write and sell Megaphone, which is a great magazine and a great part of my life!

To see the customers and supporters look forward to each new issue is really nice and I feel supported and special.

I am Suzanne Kilroy. This was my little experience throwing the first pitch. This Indian Princess thanks you all.

Suzanne is a roaming vendor who sells Megaphone at various locations throughout downtown Vancouver. You can sometimes find her selling Megaphone outside Woodward’s at Cordova and Abbott Streets.