Megaphon vendors hailed for catching thief

Two Megaphon vendors have been praised by police after they bravely stopped a thief in the middle of his getaway.

Father and son duo Florin and Nicusor-Samir Fesu were selling the Austrian street paper in Güssing, a small town in the east of Austria, when they spotted a man running from a nearby shop with a pair of jeans under his jacket.

Florin and Nicusor-Samir Fesu Photo: Marija Kanizaj

The shop’s alarm had sounded and employees were giving chase, but they could not catch the shoplifter.

Luckily, Florin and Nicusor-Samir quickly realised a crime was in progress – and detained the man before he escaped.

Speaking to INSP, Florin said that vendors in his city have often helped strangers in situations like this.
“Megaphon vendors often tell about stopping thieves or bringing people bags back that they have forgotten,” he added.

The story gained national coverage across Austria as a local policeman publicly congratulated the vendors for their bravery.

Annelies Pichler, director and editor of Megaphon, commended the vendors for their courageous actions.

“I am proud they did it in very good manner,” she said. “Later on, when the police officer that reported to the scene was interviewed for Austria’s main TV channel ORF, the officer gave a big complement to our vendors saying: ‘You managed to catch the thief without violence.’”

Florin and his son Nicusor-Samir, originally from Romania, have been selling Megaphon for six months.
Pichler said the actions of the dynamic duo will continue to challenge the negative stereotypes that street paper vendors face in Austria.

“I am very proud of our vendors, who through this act have proved that prejudices are wrong,” said Pichler.

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