Mayday! Mayday! INSP’s latest monthly covers round-up is here

No need to put out a distress call, our round-up of street paper front pages from the last month has landed.

May has given us plenty to celebrate, food for thought, and some newsworthy moments. Read on to see the covers that have caught our eye this month.

Don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled during June as we announce the nominees for this year’s INSP Awards, and see the Top 10 entries in the Best Cover category.

Cover Highlights:

There’s been a mouthwatering selection of food-based front covers this month, and they certainly whet our appetite to pick up a copy! The Contributor, hot on the heels of their magazine relaunch, brought us a scrumptious BBQ issue. The Big Issue Australia cracked open an eggcellent Big Food Edition. And StreetWise rustled up a Guide to Farmer’s Markets in Chicago.

Carnival fun has exploded onto May’s street paper covers too. Asphalt and bodo have both been clowning around with some comical covers. Shedia donned circus stripes on their funky front page, with an issue about hugging and human contact being good for mental health. And Big Issue North and The Big Issue (UK) brought us their guides to the festivals taking place across the UK this summer.

Current affairs are always at the forefront of street papers’ content, and this often makes front page news as well. The turbulent changes in North Korea made the covers of The Big Issue Korea and The Curbside Chronicle. Trott-War got into the World Cup spirit early with a special soccer edition (and we have a feeling June may bring us even more football-inspired covers…). And The Big Issue (UK) celebrated the Royal Wedding of the new Duke and Duchess of Sussex, aka Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Look back on our covers series here, and keep an eye out for the next round-up of covers coming at the end of next month.