Maree Aldam appointed as INSP’s CEO

Dear INSP members, partners and supporters,

Re: INSP Chief Executive

On behalf of the INSP Board of Directors, I am pleased to announce that we have appointed Maree Aldam as Chief Executive of INSP.

As many of you will know, our former Executive Director Lisa Maclean left INSP last summer and, following our successful annual conference in Munich, Maree has been running the organisation in the interim.

In the past seven months Maree has demonstrated her great knowledge of our network and her capacity to develop the services and the sustainability of INSP. She has been with the organisation for six years and has built very positive relationships with our members, supporters and partners. We have not had to open the CEO recruitment process externally, as we are very confident in Maree’s abilities to run the organisation.

INSP is now at an exciting new stage of its development and we know that we will continue to offer great services to our street papers around the world through Maree and her team at INSP.

I hope this finds you all well and I am looking forward to seeing many of you at the next INSP conference in Glasgow, in August, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of our network.

Yours sincerely,

Serge Lareault
INSP Chairperson