March’s covers reveal the power of illustration

Some of our favourite covers from March showed the power of a great illustration to grab the attention of passers-by.

StreetWise adapted a feature from the INSP News Service (courtesy of The Big Issue Australia) to celebrate the cultural powerhouse that is Beyoncé with a belter of an eye-catching cover.

The Big Issue Taiwan, Straatnieuws, One Step Away and Real Change also featured – incredibly varied – cover illustrations.

One Step Away explored how Facebook’s algorithms affect the impact of nonprofits, activists, and movements such as Occupy Wall St. and Black Lives Matter by forcing them to pay to get their messages seen.

Richard Gere continued his tour of INSP street papers, in support of his film about homelessness, Time Out of Mind. Following his meetings with staff and vendors at One Step Away and Street Sense in the US, he attended the UK premiere of the movie in Glasgow, and participated in a Q&A chaired by The Big Issue editor Paul McNamee.

In Oklahoma City, vendors modelled locally made jewellery.

In Italy, Scarp de’ tenis interviewed Nobel Prize winner Kailash Satyarthi about his fight against child labour.

Nota Bene feature Slovakian news anchor Adela Banášová, whilst Austria’s Megaphon went wild with a bold and dramatic cover.

INSP’s own Alison Gilchrist went to visit Asfalt in Stavanger, Norway, this month and brought back a copy of their newest issue – on the theme of Entrepenørskap [‘entrepreneurs’].

Ahead of Madonna’s visit to Melbourne, The Big Issue Australia asks if the Material Girl’s cutting edge is now blunt.

Meanwhile Asphalt took the opportunity of Easter to look at the growing trend of keeping chickens in suburban gardens.

Megaphone in Canada ask how society can meaningfully acknowledge the indigenous Coast Salish peoples. They interview advocate Audrey Siegl, who is seeking a nomination for Vancouver’s city council on a platform of indigenous sovereignty, housing justice, and an end to violence against women.

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