Magic Hour: Curbside Chronicle vendors document golden moments through disposables

Words by Nathan Poppe, The Curbside Chronicle

The best camera is always the one in your hands. Sure, these cameras were disposable, but the results are memorable. Five Curbside Chronicle vendors volunteered to document a slice of their lives for a month. The theme was magic hour — those brief hours surrounding sunrise and sunset in Oklahoma City. Vendors were encouraged to take photos of whatever they wanted between those designated hours. We received everything from friends and family to skylines and shorelines. Here’s a selection of the most memorable results.


A sunrise over the Oklahoma River. The Wheeler Ferris wheel lights up the evening sky near downtown Oklahoma City.


Boats sit on a dock at Lake Hefner the day after a storm. The scene reminded Teri of sailing in Florida. He lived there for several years and owned a boat. A kite surfer catches a breeze near Stars and Stripes Park.


The sunset looms behind three people sitting outside the Ontrac Convenient Store in South OKC. Mark said he crouched to take the photo because he wanted to get a perspective from where his subjects were sitting. The last minutes of an Oklahoma sunset.


Storm clouds form near Steven’s home. Steven’s fridge sits nearly empty. Steven and his wife rely on food stamps and struggle with food insecurity.


Early morning rain at a bus stop. A pink and blue clouds during a sunset. Rion, Delaine’s son, shows off a set of cozy pajamas in the family’s motel room. A rainbow emerges after an August storm.