Macedonian street paper Lice v lice celebrates award win

Team Lice v lice

By Laura Smith

The hard work of staff and vendors at Macedonia’s only street paper, Lice v lice, has been recognised with a prestigious award.

On November 29, Lice v lice received an award celebrating its work with homeless people across the country, during the annual Philanthropy and Social Responsibility Awards held by the Center for Institutional Development (CIRa) in Skopje.

The award is an incredible achievement for the Skopje-based magazine, which started production just two years ago.

Maja Nedelkovska, project coordinator at Lice v lice, said: “This is the first award that we are receiving, and it means a lot to us. It comes after two years of constant battle to keep Lice v lice alive and kicking.”

Klimentina Ilijevski, Lice v lice’s executive director, added: “This award represents the success not only for the team of Lice v lice, but also for all the citizens, organizations, institutions and companies that understand and support our initiative to create a better society for us all.”

Winning the award for ‘Media contributing in philanthropic practices in Macedonia’ has not only been a boost to Lice v lice’s staff but also the 40 plus vendors the magazine works with in four different cities across Macedonia.

“Besides our staff, our vendors need and certainly deserve this kind of recognition for their efforts,” continued Klimentina.

“They have made a step toward their way out of poverty and exclusion. This award is also a recognition that someone notices their efforts and endorses it.

“We hope it will make the brand they wear on their shirts while selling the magazine more visible and will impact the sales of the magazine in a positive way.”

The annual awards aims to recognise charities, social enterprises, CSOs and individuals for their contribution to society and the promotion of values such as solidarity, esteem, ethics, humanity and philanthropy.

Maree Aldam, CEO of INSP, said: “Congratulations to the Lice v lice staff and vendors – this is a fantastic achievement.

“We have been so impressed by the way Lice v lice has grown and developed in the past two years since its launch and it’s great to see their hard work being recognised like this in Macedonia.”