Ljubljana’s homeless tour guides: it’s wonderful to be part of #VendorWeek

As part of #VendorWeek 2017, street paper vendors in Ljubljana acted as tour guides, showing members of the public another side of their city. They told Kralji Ulice about why they are getting involved, and their hopes for the tour.

Jakob Harisch (N°15, Vendors’ Representative)

I am joining in the celebrations because in my opinion every contact with the public, as well as our appearance in the media, helps our selling and increases circulation of our street paper. This is also my responsibility – as a representative of our vendors.

My motto: For me, the life of a clochard [a vagrant] is the best life I know of!

Polde Košir (Vendor N°312)

I expect [my involvement in #VendorWeek] will pass in joyful manner. I mentor new vendors who join the street paper so it’s wonderful to be a part of a tour.

My motto: Selling common sense is the most profitable business nowadays!

Milan Končina (Vendor N°65)

[When we conduct the tour], I expect that members of the public that join us will get to know me better. I don’t like it when people think we all are the same, a bunch of alcoholics, slackers or even criminals, or when they judge us on the basis of one or two vendors that not respect the rules. I’d like to show them that we work hard to sell the paper, and this kind of work is as respectable as any other kind of job.

My motto: Help yourself and God will help you!