Liceulice vendors write letters to their younger selves

By Liceulice vendors

Dušan Marisavljević (24)

Dusane, you can sell more issues of Liceulice. People need to find out that the magazine exists, so that you should hand out flyers, and advertise them across public transport. You can post them through people’s mail boxes. That is a much better option than being violent to potential buyers, and it’s great you are no longer like that. You should help out granny Olga more with vacuum cleaning, house chores and washing the dishes. And listen to your dad more, because he is older and wiser. Maybe he’d buy you a bicycle. You can win a gold medal in Taekwondo, but you have to train more. If you visit Vienna, you can take a ride at Panorama. You have never done that before. You could become a flight attendant, and travel around the world by plane. You would visit Australia, and see the ocean. An ocean is different to a sea. Beaches are different too; you can see that on TV. Even cakes are surely different, because it’s a different continent. You could see the universe. You could have your own sweet heart, make friends with her and sell the magazine together. Don’t be afraid if the magazine’s prices go up – people will keep on buying it because they know they are helping us out. You can be the best at anything you do!

Dušan Marisavljević (Credit: Liceulice)

Svetlana Petrović (63)

You must be more careful with people and know the difference between good and bad, and those who are abusing your goodness. It’s good to keep on learning because the more information you gather, the easier it is to resolve any problem and to know how to set it up right. Anyway, learning is a lifelong process. Still, you managed to get out of many complicated situations, partially thanks to your mum, a clever and educated woman, and partially thanks to your own values. First and foremost, your own resourcefulness.

Have more friends – you are lonely and an only child in a family. You don’t have to travel around, because travelling does not appeal to you, because you believe that wisdom can be found in the things close at hand.

Be aware of aggressive people – you can become a soft target for disgust. Use the knowledge you gained to communicate with people, and of course, do not misuse the knowledge. Let the knowledge be used to understand people’s emotions.

Mum was a wonderful person. You give her a great amount of credit for protecting and bringing you up. Her name was Nadezda Petrović. Remember her in good spirit. Teach yourself how to rest more, read more, and learn more.

Svetlana Petrović (Credit: Sara Ristic)

Bojana Ivanova (43)

You had a difficult childhood, but there comes the time to leave it all behind you because life is ahead of you, and your past is not worthy of memories, not even worth mentioning it.

It’s been very hard, but you have overcome those problems since you realised that the solution lied not in lying in a bed, whining in self-pity, but that there is an option to be surrounded with life – inspiring things. You had never been able to see them because you were wallowing in your self-pity.

Bojana Ivanova (left) with a fellow Liceulice vendor (Credit: Sara Ristic)

That was your biggest mistake, and make sure you don’t ever repeat it!

I want to convey that there are so many things in the world that can preoccupy your mind: books, making friends, love, travelling, creativity, healthy life, faith in God, and there is so much more up there that is yet to be discovered.

You are now strong, you learned how to fight, and I think that there are no problems any more.

I just want you to know that I love you – we are the winners!

Nikola Repec (42)

Nikola, don’t be afraid. Nikola, don’t get stressed out a lot. Nikola, rejoice in your life. Nikola, start writing. Nikola, believe in people.

Nikola, fly across the universe. Nikola, find yourself a job. Nikola, socialise with your friends. Nikola, have a laugh. Nikola, fall in love. Nikola, buy yourself a car, and travel around the globe. Nikola, go to the seaside and swim. Nikola, drink less coffee. Nikola, enjoy the sun. Nikola, give in to life, because you only live once.

Nikola Repec (Credit: Sara Ristic)

Zoran Stojanovic (a master chess player) (61)

To my younger self I would advise two things. First, to continue having a young spirit and to preserve it for my old age, because having that young spirit will help me to overcome the most difficult situations in my life.

Zoran Stojanovic (Credit: Sara Ristic)

The second thing that I would advise young Zoran Stojanovic to do is not to gamble too much. When I say “gamble” I do not straightforwardly mean casino and betting places, but to avoid being in a hurry, as I’ve always been in a hurry, because being in a hurry will cost him dearly later on in his life. But to carefully choose a life path, that he will take, because those hasty roads, those hazardous decisions, would lead him into the difficult position that I find myself in now.

Apart from that, I would advise my younger self to focus on the Spanish opening, you’ve had enough of the Sicilian one—everyone can play it nowadays.

Translated from Serbian by Katya Ven-Vujetic