Liceulice in plea to keep street paper doors open in Serbia

Serbia’s only street paper has launched an international appeal for support, amid fears that the six-year-old social enterprise may face closure.

Liceulice has supported more than 200 of Serbia’s most marginalised people since they started out in 2010, but they now face a funding crisis.

“In the past six years we have successfully overcome many crises and we will, hopefully, succeed in fighting this one as well,” said Milosav Marinović, Liceulice’s editor-in-chief. “This time, however, we cannot make it on our own, without your help.”

As well as magazine sales, Liceulice has in the past been supported by philanthropists and trusts, which enable them to continue their work supporting vendors.

“Unfortunately, the city and state funds have remained unavailable to us, and now even our traditional donors have left us in the lurch,” added Milosav. “At the moment, the only ones who have remained loyal to our cause are individuals who buy the magazine from our vendors.”

Liceulice is urging people to show their support by following them on their social media platforms and signing up for international subscriptions.

Though the magazine is naturally written in Serbian, it has a strong design ethos. Each edition features work by different artists.

Liceulice’s covers and design have been nominated several times in the INSP Awards. At the 2016 awards, they were highly commended for their design.

International supporters can purchase a year’s subscription to the striking magazine for €20 (plus postage) by emailing

Liceulice are also raising funds by selling t-shirts featuring their designs through Štenderaj.

For more information about Liceulice, or to make a donation to their appeal, see their website.