Glimpse the hidden side of Ljubljana with this homeless tour video

Lesser-known corners of Ljubljana are uncovered in a new promotional video for Slovenian street paper Kralji Ulice’s ‘homeless tours’.

Like a number of international street papers, Kralji Ulice (which translates as ‘Kings of the Street’ in Slovenian) has worked with their vendors to develop walking tours of the city.

“The main aim of the tours is to show the hidden places of Ljubljana, especially those, that are or were important to homeless people,” explains the paper’s editor in chief, Mirjam Gostinčar.

“This is, in a way, a tour through their past lives – where they lived, slept or hung around when they were homeless; where they got help (free meals, fresh clothing/shoes) or resolved health issues. Some of the guides also introduce some individuals who are still living on street and are ready to share their life stories.”

The video was made by two volunteers, who have both previously been supported by Kralji Ulice. Marko Gorjup and Jean Nikolić wanted to use the film to encourage more foreign tourists to go on the tours.

Mirjam explained that hosting the tours helps their vendors in several ways: “First, tour guides get some money (payment for their tours) which improves their financial situation. Being a guide can also improve their self-esteem. They met new people, enrich their social network, communicate.

“But the most important is that they have the power to raise the public awareness about the problem. People usually become more sensitive (or at least think) about social injustice and the issues regarding homelessness after going on these tours.”

Check out the video below. For more information about Kralji Ulice’s ‘homeless tours’, or to make a booking, email: