Italy’s Scarp de’ tenis joins INSP’s worldwide movement of street papers

Italian street paper Scarp de’ tenis has become the newest member of INSP’s international movement.

The magazine – which is sold by homeless and marginalised people in Milan, Turin, Naples, Genoa, Vicenza, Rimini, Venice, Salerno, Florence, Verona, Brescia and Como – was approved at a meeting of the INSP board last week.

Scarp de' tenis vendor Monica sells the paper in Naples

Scarp de’ tenis editor Stefano Lampertico said he was looking forward to learning from INSP’s other members.

“We are living in difficult times,” he added, “and these are difficult times also for street papers, which are a valuable mean of response to the crisis we are experiencing.

“Scarp must open to the future. We are curious to know other street newspapers in the world in order to share and to bring their stories throughout Italy.

“This kind of sharing will let us do our work better and we will be able to find more and more revenue opportunities for our vendors.”

INSP Chief Executive Maree Aldam said that INSP was very pleased to see such a well-established magazine join the network.

She added: “We are delighted to welcome Scarp de’ tenis to INSP. They join fellow Italian member Terre di Mezzo and more than 100 other street papers in 34 countries.

“We are looking forward to learning more about the great work that the organisation does across Italy supporting so many homeless people. In the spirit of INSP, we will together look at how we can share innovation and best practice to increase our social impact as a network.”

Scarp de’ tenis was founded in Milan in 1994 by advertising executive Pietro Greppi, who had been inspired by the street papers in the UK, and later spread across Italy.

The street paper is named after the title of a famous song by renowned Italian songwriter Enzo Jannacci.

‘El portava i scarp del tennis’ tells the story of a homeless man trying to get to the Idroscalo lake. He is later found dead under some boxes, having passed away while chasing “a beautiful dream of love.”

The paper has been supported by Caritas Ambrosiana since 1996 and is published by Cooperativa Oltre, an editorial cooperative society.

Scarp de’ tenis is published monthly and is sold by 150 vendors all over Italy.

The latest edition of Scarp de' tenis