Vendor Week #INSP2014

International Street Paper Vendor Week (3rd – 9th February)
was a global programme of events and activities aiming to shine a light on
enterprising street paper vendors and challenge perceptions of poverty and
homelessness. Vendor Week was organised by INSP (the International Network of
Street Papers) – the Glasgow-based charity that supports The Big Issue magazine
and over 120 other similar projects in 40 countries worldwide.

A whole host of activities took place around the world, including
The Big-Sell Off in Glasgow and Edinburgh. This event, along with other similar
events across Europe, Australia and North America, saw guest vendors
out on city streets swapping their usual roles to experience, for a short time,
what life is like for the thousands of vendors who spend each day selling street
Maree Aldam, INSP’s general manager, said: “There are all
kinds of brilliant events happening around the world this week – from an arts
and film exhibition in Macedonia; to a vendor Skype meeting between Canada and
the USA. It’s a great opportunity for our network to raise awareness of the
14,000 inspiring people who are selling street papers this week. 
“This year’s
Vendor Week is particularly special to us as it’s INSP’s 20th anniversary this
year, so we’ll also be celebrating the 250,000 vendors who have changed their
lives by selling street papers over the past 2 decades.”
As International Street Paper Vendor Week 2014 comes to a
close. We look back over an exciting seven days of events and celebration of
street paper vendors.