INSP’s new Anniversary Members

To launch its 15th Anniversary, INSP is publically celebrating five exceptional street papers which have demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to the development of the network, giving over and above, to develop the shared mission of the INSP. These remarkable street papers will form a new ‘Anniversary Membership’, providing continued support and innovative leadership to advance the entire street paper movement.

They are: The Big Issue (UK), BISS (Germany), Surprise (Switzerland), L’Itineraire (Canada) andThe Big Issue Australia. The support of these papers will allow INSP to in turn support a growing network of enterprising projects throughout the world, in some of the poorest countries.

In return for their ongoing commitment to network sustainability, the ‘Anniversary Members’ will be given a special place within the street paper network and will be more widely recognised for the ground-breaking work that they undertaken in their home countries. Read more.