INSPire change through music

New Orleans born singer-songwriter Acantha Lang has released her first-ever single to raise money for INSP’s work supporting homeless people around the world.

Inspired by a homeless man in her London neighbourhood Acantha wrote the bluesy and heartfelt  Know Your Name. With the song – and her self-produced music video – Acantha wants to raise awareness of homelessness and remind people that they can make a difference and inspire change.

Acantha Lang’s ‘Know Your Name’

Acantha has decided to partner with INSP and the New York based music video blog NYCROPHONE for the global release of Know Your Name

The song is now available for download for only $0.99 from iTunes, and 100% of all download proceeds will be donated to INSP, to support homeless people around the world. Help us to promote the song and raise money for INSP by sharing the story through social media!