#INSP2018 Day One: Content, community and being a part of the network

There’s rarely any waiting around before things get into full swing at Global Street Paper Summits, and #INSP2018 was no different. After a short introduction from INSP’s chief executive Maree Aldam on the opening morning of the annual gathering of street paper staff, the delegates split into groups for roundtable discussions and breakout sessions to talk about all manner of street paper related issues.

INSP chair, and CEO of Big Issue North, Fay Selvan said: “When street papers started, the main aim of our mission was to help people out of poverty, and that is our goal today. But we also have a role as independent media presenting an alternative view from the street.”

INSP chief executive Maree Aldam opens day one of #INSP2018. Credit: Jack Donaghy

Between a focused morning on the benefits of INSP membership, and an afternoon talking about using editorial content to produce a thoughtful and authoritative campaigning voice and sharing ideas about street paper distribution and vendor pitch management, journalist and activist Sunny Hundal gave attendees a rip-roaring speech about the nature of political dialogue in the modern day.

Credit: Jack Donaghy

Delegates take part in summit sessions at #INSP2018. Credit: Jack Donaghy

Delegates take part in summit sessions at #INSP2018. Credit: Jack Donaghy

Later that evening, delegates headed to The Lighthouse, Scotland’s Centre for Design and Architecture, in Glasgow city centre, for what has become an annual event – the INSP Talks.

Based on the TEDx talk format, five speakers from five different organisations spoke for around 10 to 15 minutes to an attentive crowd. This year’s INSP Talks all moved along the lines of the same theme: social enterprise.