INSP Vendor Playlist: Toni Menacher (BISS, Munich, Germany)

John Denver – ‘Take Me Home, Country Roads’

Toni Menacher, a BISS vendor in Munich city centre, has known John Denver’s ‘Take Me Home, Country Roads’ for a long time. But in 2001, it took on a special meaning for the now 57-year-old. “At the time, I was with my girlfriend visiting the Western-City event venue in [Bavarian town] Dasing for the first time,” he explains. “A band was playing, and the first song was this famous one by John Denver. ‘…Country Roads’. It became our song, but I’m sad to say that my girlfriend has since passed away. My Christmas gift to every person out there would be for them to have a wonderful partner by their side, as I was lucky enough to have for those 13 years.”

BISS vendor Toni Menacher

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Editing by Tony Inglis

Translated by Melanie Vogt