INSP Vendor Playlist: Street Sense vendors on the songs that stir their emotions

Four Street Sense vendors, who sell the magazine across the US capital of Washington D.C., talk about some of the songs that stir their emotions.

Laticia Brock (37) on The Temptations’ version of Christmas classic ‘Silent Night’: “It was something my family did every year. We’d sit around and take turns singing different parts of the song. It makes me think of family. I remember that even when we didn’t always have food to eat, my mother always managed to cook a Christmas dinner.”

Street Sense vendor Laticia Brock (Credit: Rolando Aparicio Velasco)

Chon Gotti (55) on Grammy nominated singer Jeffrey Osborne’s ‘Concentrate on You’: “This was the first song that ever made me cry. I’ll never forget it – it’s a song very dear to my heart.” [Fun fact: Chon’s aunt was married to Osborne’s brother].

Street Sense vendor Chon Gotti (Credit: Rolando Aparicio Velasco)

Marcus McCall (29) on ‘Close to You’ by Dreezy, featuring T-Pain: “I only heard the song for the first time recently- my cousin played it for me when I was visiting him – and I like the beat, basically everything about it. It aims toward love, connection, family, and trying to get close and to know somebody.”

Street Sense vendor Marcus McCall (Credit: Eric Falquero)

Reginald Denny (54) on gospel singer Wintley Phipps’ ‘I Believe’: “This song is inspirational. It means a lot to me for two reasons: I met the singer, and it was sung at one of the inauguration events for Barack Obama.”

Street Sense vendor Reginald Denny (Credit: Rolando Aparicio Velasco

Check out the full playlist here.

Editing by Tony Inglis