INSP Vendor Playlist: Stephen Uruwah (Megaphon, Graz, Austria)

Megaphon’s Stephen Uruwah, 40, is a musician as well as a street paper vendor in Graz, Austria. His song ‘Jesus – The Reason’, he feels, is perfect at Christmas. “This quote from the Bible, part of Psalm 150, ‘Let everything that breathes praise the Lord’, is very important to me. This song is a form of praise,” he says. “As with my other songs, I don’t feel that I have written them but rather that they have been given to me. Sometimes they come to me in my sleep. When I wake up, I hurry to record the tune and the words before I forget them. A song will sometimes come to me suddenly whilst I’m selling the magazine. In that case, I discreetly record it on my mobile.”

Megaphon vendor Stephen Uruwah (Credit: Marija Kanizaj)

Stephen is also a fan of the work of Don Moen, an American pastor and producer of Christian worship music, especially his song ‘God Will Make a Way’. “I love the title because it shows God to be: the primary helping hand, father to those with no father, mother to those without a mother; he helps the helpless and brings hope to those who have none,” says Stephen.

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Translated from German by Louise Thomas

Editing by Tony Inglis