INSP Vendor Playlist: Seven Surprise vendors on their song choices

Surprise is based in the Swiss city of Basel. Several of its vendors chipped in with their song choices.

Werner ‘Elvis’ Hellunger (65) on ‘An American Trilogy’ by Elvis Presley: “This Elvis song fills you with courage. It helps me to keep picking myself back up and motivates me to never give up!”

Werner "Elvis" Hellinger (credit: Daniel Spehr)

Angel Luis Fragoso (47) on the catchy, whistle-able hit ‘Don’t Worry, be Happy’ by Bobby McFerrin: “Every time I look in the mirror in the morning, I sing this song.”

Surprise vendor Angel Luis Fragoso (credit: Surprise)

Ändu Hebeisen (49) on German singer and model Wincent Weiss’ ‘An Wunder’: “I once helped out at the Gurten Festival (a big open-air festival in Bern) and talked to Weiss backstage, and listening to the song creates a connection back to that time for me. Weiss is just a normal guy.”

Surprise vendor Ändu Hebeisen (credit: Ruben Hollinger)

Negussie Weldai (58) on ‘More Than I Can Say’ by Leo Sayer: “I was in the army back in the 1980s and had this CD with me. I sometimes listened to this song three or four times in a row.”

Surprise vendor Negussie Weldai (credit: Ruben Hollinger)

Yemane Tsegaye (57) on ‘Afro’ by Helen Pawlos: “‘Afro’ is an old song with a new version that came out in 2018. My father had this song on tape and used to play it about 30 or 40 years ago. When he worked as a chauffeur, he often used to sing this song. It reminds me of him and my family.”

Surprise vendor Yemane Tsegaye (credit: Annette Boutellier)

Nicolas Gabriel (54) on ‘Ich lieb dich überhaupt nicht mehr’ [‘I Don’t Love You at All Any More’) by German rock star Udo Lindenberg: “The writer makes a 180-degree turn in the song … I don’t love you at all any more – does anyone really believe that? it reminds me of two people I knew when I was younger, and the innocence of youth.”

Surprise vendor Nicolas Gabriel (credit: Ruben Hollinger)

Ruedi Kälin (60) on ‘Sierra Madre’ (as performed by Schürzenjäger): “At HC-Davos [a Swiss ice hockey club], they play this song when the stadium lights come on. It fills me with energy. So, when I’m not feeling great, I listen to this song and sing along.”

Surprise vendor Ruedi Kälin (credit: Marc Bachmann)

Check out the full playlist here.

Translated from German by Sean Morris

Editing by Tony Inglis