INSP Vendor Playlist: Lothar and Linda (Draussenseiter, Cologne, Germany)

Lothar and Linda sell Draussenseiter in Cologne, and have very different ideas about the kind of music they find meaningful.

Lothar chose the soothing tones of American jazz pianist Horace Silver’s ‘Peace’. “This composition always brings me inner calm,” he says. “I particularly like the melancholy aspect of the song. It gives me strength. It reminds me of myself as a teenager – mad on jazz. I like to think back to that time. This song has meant something to me for decades now.”

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Draussenseiter vendor Lothar

Linda, on the other hand, recommends the well-known hymnal ‘Hallelujah’. It has been performed by an array of artists – Leonard Cohen, Jeff Buckley, even X Factor winner Alexandra Burke – but Linda is in thrall to a version by acapella group Pentatonix. She especially likes listening to it whilst spending quality time with her dog, Clayd. “It’s so life-affirming,” she beams. “It’s important for me to be positive every day. This song carries me through life. It reminds me of all the people to whom I’ve had to say goodbye. This gives me strength too, because I know that wherever they are, they are free.”

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Draussenseiter vendor LindaCheck out the full playlist here.

Editing by Tony Inglis

Translated from German by Louise Thomas