INSP Vendor Playlist: Irini and Magda (Shedia, Athens, Greece)

Irini Ampeliotou, 48, sells Shedia all over Athens. She has experienced some hard times, including a stint in prison. Because of this, she relates to the Greek singer-songwriter Dionysis Savopoulos, who was imprisoned during the Greek military junta of 1967 to 1974. “It refers to the feelings of a prisoner and, for this reason, I have a very strong emotional response when I hear it,” says Irini of Savopoulos’ song ‘Dimosthenous leksis’hich refers to a eulogy in ancient Greece. “It is describing a situation which is experiential for me. Being in prison, more than once, is something that I will never forget.” Listen: Spotify / YouTube

Shedia vendor Irini Ampeliotou

Her colleague Magda Vasilikou, 64, connects with the traditional Greek folk tune ‘Se agapo giati eisai oraia’, meaning ‘I love you because you are beautiful’, as performed by Alkistis Protopsalti. “It fills my soul with love,” she says. “It reminds me of my mother when I was a kid. She used to stroke my hair and sing this song.” Listen: Spotify / YouTube

Shedia vendor Magda Vasilikou

Check out the full playlist here.

Editing by Tony Inglis