INSP Vendor Playlist: Hong-Wu Moon (The Big Issue Korea, Seoul, South Korea)

O Gi Taek – 아빠의 청춘 [‘The youth of the father’]

Outside Exit 5 of Gangnam subway station in Seoul, 65-year-old Hong-Wu Moon sells copies of The Big Issue Korea. He explains that his song choice – the 1960s Korean folk tune 아빠의 청춘 [which literally translates as ‘the youth of the father’] by 오기택 [O Gi Taek] – makes him think of his family: “I really like the melody of this song, and also the lyrics. Most importantly, for me, it feels like a consolation. When I have a had a rough day on the streets, listening to and singing along with this song makes all my stress disappear. I can erase the memory of that bad day in a moment.

“When I had a family and became a father, I realised how much my father sacrificed his life for us, and worked hard for us. I am away from my family now because of work, so I miss them a lot. So, when I miss my family, I sing this song and [mimicking the lyrics] say ‘bravo!’ to my life.”

The Big Issue Korea vendor Hong-Wu Moon

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Interview by Jieun Jung

Editing by Tony Inglis