INSP Vendor Playlist: Georg Nacthmann (Kupfermuckn, Wels, Austria)

Opus – ‘Live is Life’

65-year-old Georg Nacthmann sells Kupfermuckn in the pedestrian area of the Austrian city of Wels. Being a street paper seller, to some, might not necessarily be a glamorous life, but Georg has taken on a far more ‘royal’ demeanour through is work. He explains, along with his song choice, ‘Live is Life’ by Austrian pop-rockers Opus:

Kupfermuckn vendor Georg "George the Prince of Wels" Nachtmann (Credit: Heinz Zauner)

“‘Live is Life’ has always been my motto, and that’s why I chose this well-known song of the Austrian band Opus. I used to work as a successful DJ in Austria for many years, for example during the World Ski Championships in Schladming. I met some famous sporting legends there. This song used to be the favourite, and everyone sang along. Unfortunately, it was alcohol that contributed to my personal downfall. My health and my business broke into pieces and I ended up without a home or money. The street paper Kupfermuckn and my own willpower helped me to get back on track. My work as a vendor replaced many hours of psychological counselling. I have been living in my own place for ten years now, free of debts and full of new optimism – “Live is Life”. Even in my worst years, I paid great attention to my personal appearance. That’s why my colleagues at Kupfermuckn gave me the nickname “George – the prince of Wels” [Wels is pronounced like Wales]. What a career – “Live is Life”. Let’s rock ‘n roll.”

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Editing by Tony Inglis

Translated from German by Jessica Michaels