INSP Vendor Playlist: Erasmo Navarrete (Mi Valedor, Mexico City, Mexico)

José José – ‘Lo Pasado, Pasado’

The work of tenor vocalist José José, specifically his performance of ‘Lo Pasado, Pasado’, meaning ‘What is Past, is Past’, is the object of Erasmo Navarrete’s affections. The 65-year-old sells Mexican street paper Mi Valedor at the Hotel Krystal, in Reforma in the country’s capital. He believes the song has played a large part in forming his life story: “I first came across José José when I was 16 years old. He’s an alcoholic, just like me, and I’ve had a drink with him in a few bars. Who would have thought that later on, I would drink to his songs?

Mi Valedor vendor Erasmo Navarrete

“Despite the fact that alcoholism led me to many low points, even hitting rock bottom, it also brought me happiness as I got to know many people and made friends in different places.

“José José is, for me, an example that, although someone may be an alcoholic, they have to be able to enjoy life, just like someone who has next to nothing.

“I didn’t expect anything good would happen in my life, but then someone spoke to me about Mi Valedor and now, as the song says: I am now a new person.”

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Translated from Spanish by Hollie Davies

Editing by Tony Inglis