INSP Vendor Playlist: Eduard Binder (Apropos, Salzburg, Austria)

Franzl Lang – ‘Der Glockenjodler’

Eduard Binder, 71, sells Austrian street paper Apropos outside a store on Linzer Gasse 72 in Salzburg. He chose ‘Der Glockenjodler’, a track performed by famous Bavarian yodeller Franzl Lang. The song – the title of which translates as ‘The Bell Yodeller’ – is a gentle, festive sounding piece.

Apropos vendor Eduard Binder (Credit: Christine Gnahn)

“This song is real folk music; I like folk music a lot,” he says. “This song I like especially, particularly the melody – it makes me feel good. It means a lot to me, as I feel very touched whenever I hear it. It’s been a part of my whole life. I first it at a very young age, and ever since, again and again. It’s always coming with me.”

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Editing by Tony Inglis