INSP Vendor Playlist: David and Svetlana (Liceulice, Belgrade, Serbia)

A recurring theme for street paper vendors in their song choices has been the idea that music can hark back to more youthful and, in some cases, happier times. This is the main thing for David Jankovic and Svetlana Petrovic, who both sell Serbian street paper Liceulice in Belgrade. David chose ‘Black or White’ by Michael Jackson (not the only time he has popped up on this list). “This song reminds me of the old days, and my friends,” he says. “It reminds me of my primary school and my first crush, and taught me a lot about how not to judge people by the colour of their skin”.

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Liceulice vendor David Jankovic (Credit: Milica Martinović)

Svetlana’s choice is closer to home – Serbian singer Zorica Markovic’s ‘Mirno spavai nano’. “There is no special significance I can place on it – I just love hearing this song. It reminds me of my youth,” she explains. “I love the lyrics. It has a nice message about freedom to love.”

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Liceulice vendor Svetlana Petrovic (Credit: Milica Martinović)

Check out the full playlist here.

Editing by Tony Inglis