INSP News Service Terms and Conditions for Publishing Content

Please note that publishing INSP News Service material is only allowed if all the below conditions are met. Any other use may constitute a copyright infringement.

1. Who may use the INSP News Service?
Articles on the INSP News Service are cleared for use in street papers that are current members of INSP. The content may only be published in those street papers or (unless otherwise specified) on those street papers’ own websites. You may not distribute the materials in any other way or make them available to any other publication or online outlet.

2. Accessing articles
The articles that appear on the INSP News Service website have been donated by their respective street paper or agency. Taking any article directly from the website of a street paper, or other agency, is strictly prohibited and will constitute a copyright infringement.

3. Downloading articles and photos
All articles and images must be downloaded by clicking the download buttons on top of the article page. Please do not copy text or images from the website, as this will mean that INSP cannot track usage and report back to you about republications or the impact of the News Service. This impedes INSP’s ability to fundraise to support your services.

4. Crediting articles
Each article on the INSP News Service website will have the correct credit information on your downloaded text file. When republishing an article, you must include this credit line in your paper. Credits must include the name of the street paper or agency, and INSP’s web address (

5. Crediting articles you have translated yourself
If you are translating the credit into your own language, it must always include the name of the street paper or agency, and INSP’s web address (

6. Using Reuters articles
You may only republish stories that are featured on the INSP News Service website in your street paper. You may not republish any Reuters stories online.

7. Crediting images
The zipped file you download will always include a text file for the captions and credit. You may change the caption to suit your context. However, you must always include the credit as it is written in the text file.

8. Reuters images – use and crediting
When publishing Reuters images in your street paper, they should be credited as stated in the accompanying text file. They may not be used online.

9. Legal responsibility
Responsibility for ensuring INSP News Service content complies with all relevant local laws lies with the editor of the street paper that wishes to republish the content.