INSP chair Serge Lareault receives prestigious award

Serge Lareault, managing director of street paper L’Itinéraire in Montréal, Canada and chairperson of INSP, has received the Persillier-Lachapelle Career Achievement Award from the health and social services network of Quebec, Canada.

The Persillier-Lachapelle Career Achievement Award pays tribute to individuals who have dedicated themselves to the development and improvement of services offered in the health and social services network. It recognizes personal commitment emanating from both health institutions and community organizations. The award was handed to him by the Minister of Health and Social services, Réjean Hébert, during a ceremony held in Quebec City on 11th October 2012.

The INSP chairman was awarded for his 19 years of commitment to Groupe L’Itinéraire where he launched a street paper namely L’Itinéraire. The paper was based on the idea to help homeless people get off the streets and regain some controls in their lives by giving them a unique job opportunity to become a vendor of the publication. Through the work of the street paper, Serge Lareault has achieved a social enterprise that gives opportunities for those without a home to change their lives by themselves.

Today, L’Itinéraire is being read by more than 60 000 Montrealers and integrate about 200 people every week through face-to-face communication among the readers and vendors. 

Since 2006, Serge Lareault has been leading INSP, a network that connects over 120 newspapers in 40 countries and supports about 10 000 homeless people every month. During his presidency, INSP has become a leader organisation fighting against poverty and homelessness and been recognized by the United Nations and the European Union. 
Watch how Serge Lareault has set up L’Itinéraire and his passion for street papers here.