INSP Awards: The Best Project 2019 Finalists Revealed

We’ve already revealed all of the Finalists in the Editorial categories for the 2019 INSP Awards, and today we’re bringing you the first set of Finalists in our Impact categories – for Best Project.

Many street paper organisations have diversified into further innovative projects, including street soccer, vendor tours, cafes, crafts, technological projects and more. This award recognises the best of these non-street paper innovations.

The Finalists, listed below, now go forward to our judging panel to select a winner.

Winners are revealed during the INSP Awards Ceremony held as part of the Global Street Paper Summit in Hannover, Germany, on Wednesday 19 June.

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The Finalists:

1. Asphalt, Germany

Asphalt Vendor Health and Fitness

After their vendors expressed an interest in improving their health and fitness levels, Asphalt launched a project designed to help facilitate this. They organised support from the local community college to learn from nutritionists how to have a healthy yet inexpensive diet, and the Hannover Gym Club gave vendors access to fitness rooms and personal trainers. An initial evaluation of the project showed that participating vendors lost weight and their blood pressure improved.

2. BISS, Germany

‘I will be with you, whatever’: Art Installation

To celebrate their 25th anniversary, BISS coordinated the construction of a work of art in the heart of Munich. The sculpture, called ‘I will be with you, whatever’, by the British artist collective Studio Morison, was the centre of 80 anniversary events during 2018 where the people of the city sang, danced, discussed and laughed together. BISS was able to reach and educate many people about the causes of poverty and homelessness through the art installation.

3. Hinz&Kunzt, Germany


As part of their 25th anniversary celebrations, Hinz&Kunzt opened ‘KunztKüche’ – a pop-up restaurant run by Hinz&Kunzt staff and vendors, with the support of a different professional chef every day. Over 25 days, vendors were involved in the preparation and serving of dishes, empowering them to learn new skills. The project brought vendors and the public together for a good cause, and a unique cookbook was also published as a result.

4. Nový Prostor, Czech Republic

Bonus Klub

Bonus Klub was a venture set up by Nový Prostor in 2018 for their top-performing vendors. If a vendor is following their personal selling plan and adhering to the code of conduct, they are able to join the Bonus Klub and ask readers for extra donations to help achieve special goals, such as new glasses or medication. Readers can donate and track the progress of the goals on Nový Prostor‘s website, and to date over 50 goals have been achieved, totalling around 250,000 CZK (£8,500) in pledges.

5. Scarp de’ tenis, Italy

Movie Star Giacomo Poretti brings Scarp de’ tenis stories to television

Scarp de’ tenis produced a four-part television documentary series about the realities of being homeless on the streets of Milan. The programme was presented by famous Italian film star Giacomo Poretti, and shown on the major Italian TV network, TV2000. Scarp de’ tenis staff were heavily involved in the production process, and the show was well received by critics and audiences. Sales of the street paper increased significantly in the six months after it was broadcast.


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