INSP Awards: The 2019 Best News Feature Finalists are here

We will be crowning the winners of the INSP Awards 2019 in just over two weeks’ time, and as the excitement continues to build we will be announcing the Finalists in each category over the next fortnight – starting today with the Top 5 Entries for Best News Feature.

Our Best News Feature Award recognises the best original story, investigative feature, ‘scoop’ or news interview uncovered by a street paper in the last year. The nominated entries demonstrate outstanding journalistic depth and accuracy, as well as original thinking. You can see the Top 10 nominees here, which we announced in April.

Our shortlisting panel have narrowed down the Nominees to give us Finalists, who now go forward to the main judging panel to select the winner.

Winners are revealed during the INSP Awards Ceremony held as part of the Global Street Paper Summit in Hannover, Germany, on Wednesday 19 June.

Last month we announced the 2019 Best Cover Finalists, and launched the People’s Cover Award voting, where – for the first time – the public have the chance to choose an INSP Award winner. Cast your vote now!

The Finalists:

1. Hinz&Kunzt, Germany

A hunt for clues in Hamburg
By Benjamin Laufer

Olaf S died over a year ago on a park bench close to St Michael’s Church, Hamburg. He was homeless and had braved sleeping out in the elements on a night when the temperature dropped below freezing. Two of his old friends, in collaboration with German street magazine Hinz&Kunzt, try to understand the circumstances of Olaf’s tragic decline.

2. L’Itinéraire, Canada

Chasing the false ideal of the perfect body
By Camille Teste

Nowadays, the pressure to conform to a particular body type and vision of health is intense, thanks to the growth of social media and apps. Social networks, in tandem with brands and magazines, constantly remind us that our bodies, and what we put inside them, are something that we should play close attention to. But what is the cost of the body beautiful?

3. Megaphone, Canada

Last Rights
By Simon Cheung

Dr. Naheed Dosani is among a growing number of health care practitioners working to bring palliative care to those living on the margins. Megaphone spoke with Dosani, and others leading this initiative, as well as the individuals, and their families, it has helped.

4. Surprise, Switzerland

When love melts the polar ice caps
By Conradin Zellweger

Two environmental scientists get married in Brazil and the majority of the guests fly to the wedding from Switzerland. These guests, who lead environmentally conscious lives and are aware of their impact on the globe, chose to fly to Brazil despite the fact that the return flight will double their annual CO2 footprint. This is not an environmentally friendly choice, but is there any other option?

5. The Curbside Chronicle, USA

Voter Disenfranchisement v. Crystal Mason
By Nathan Poppe and Whitley O’Connor

As a part of their Mid-term Voter Guide, Oklahoma street paper The Curbside Chronicle included the fascinating, and intricately reported, story of Crystal Mason and the ballot she cast in the 2016 presidential election. Did voting — or a failure of communication — put Crystal Mason behind bars?


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