INSP Awards: The 2019 Best Cultural Feature Nominees Revealed

Yesterday we unveiled the Best News Feature nominees for the INSP Awards 2019, and we’re continuing today by revealing the Top 10 Entries for Best Cultural Feature.

This award will go to the best feature, interview or story focusing on arts, entertainment and culture. Judges will consider a range of elements, including: original approach; incisive interviews; and excellence in writing style.

Our Awards for Best News Feature and Best Cultural Feature are drawn from contributions to our unique News Service, which allows street papers to share content with their international peers and makes hundreds of articles freely available for republication within the network.

Our top ten, featured below, now go forward to our editorial shortlisting panel, who will choose the five finalists. These will be announced in early June, and the winner will be revealed at the Global Street Paper Summit in Hannover, Germany.

The Nominees:

1. Asphalt, Germany

The rise of conspiracy theories
By Ulrich Matthias

In recent years, conspiracy theories have become increasingly popular and they often find a mindblowingly large audience thanks to the internet and social media. Why do so many people believe that we are ruled by aliens or that Germany is a company? Should we even pay attention to conspiracy theories at all?

2. Big Issue North, UK

Catalogue of hits
By Saskia Murphy

Northern England’s online fashion industry is a global success, responding to social media trends and pushing out new lines at speed. But do Boohoo, and other fashion retailers like them, owe their success to a more old-fashioned business?

3. FiftyFifty, Germany

Different perspectives: “Repicturing Homeless” photo project shows homeless people in a fresh new light
By Hubert Ostendorf

Clothes make the man: a principle that FiftyFifty vendors had the chance to experience first-hand as the subjects of an unusual photo shoot. Advertising agency Havas collaborated with the world’s leading photo agency Getty Images to create a completely new perception of people living on the street, with the aim of helping to challenge existing prejudices. Their campaign, called “Repicturing Homeless”, has received media coverage all around the world.

4. L’Itinéraire, Canada

Love and sexuality: In conversation with a sexologist
By Camille Teste

Julie Lemay is a sexologist and newspaper columnist who is passionate about observing the people around her. Here, she reflects on what she noticed about romantic and physical relationships during her work in 2018 and argues that acknowledging other people’s lived realities will lead to increased well-being and understanding in society.

5. Put Domoi, Russia

From Russia with love: To show initiative and be in the minority
By Arkady Tyurin

As Russia prepares to welcome legions of soccer fans to the country this summer for the 2018 FIFA World Cup, editor of St Petersburg street paper Put Domoi, Arkady Tyurin, reflects on the life of a street paper in Russia, its vendors, the homeless population, and how the international tournament will affect them.

6. Real Change, USA

By Lisa Edge

Cartoonist Vishavjit Singh throws a mighty shield at the hate and prejudice he has experienced all of his life by becoming a Sikh Captain America.

7. Street Roots, USA

She Shreds: ripping up the rulebook on female guitarists
By Ann-Derrick Gaillot

Fabi Reyna is the editor of She Shreds, a ground-breaking magazine that is a revolutionary platform for female guitarists. Since being launched in 2013, the magazine has championed itself as being an inclusive space that celebrates female guitarists – a demographic that is often overlooked in the industry. Here, Reyna looks back on five years of success and contemplates what is in store in the magazine’s future.

8. Surprise, Switzerland

The Last Nuns of Val Müstair
By Florian Wüstholz

At St John’s Abbey in Val Müstair, a remote valley in Grisons canton, Switzerland, Benedictine nuns live by the ancient mantra “Ora et labora” – pray and work. St John’s Abbey has a history dating back over 1,000 years and its cultural treasures saw it endowed with UNESCO World Heritage status in 1983; however, a new generation of nuns is failing to materialise. The nuns of St John’s Abbey, each of whom experienced a different religious calling to enter the monastic life, wonder whether their order will survive its current challenges.

9. The Big Issue Australia, Australia

Eating Skippy
By Rhianna Boyle

National icon or national cuisine? Pest or poster-animal? The Big Issue Australia explores Australia’s complicated relationship with its favourite animal.

10. The Contributor, USA

Dolly Parton: ‘I’ve always loved the underdog’
By Holly Gleason

In an interview with Nashville street paper The Contributor, country legend Dolly Parton muses on writing new music, fighting for women and relying on her faith.


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