INSP Awards: The 2018 Best Campaign Finalists are here

We’re spoiling you today – with two sets of Finalists for the 2018 INSP Awards being announced! Following the reveal of the Best Project Finalists this morning, we’re following it up with the Finalists for Best Campaign.

This award is judged on all elements of the street paper organisation working together to deliver a high impact and innovative campaign, demonstrating excellent editorial and online coverage that engages with the readership and the broader community, and showing evidence of real social impact.

Winners are revealed during the INSP Awards Ceremony held as part of the Global Street Paper Summit in Glasgow, on Wednesday 22 August.

Have a look at all the other Finalists for the 2018 INSP Awards, and discover the Best Campaign Finalists below…

The Finalists:

1. Faktum, Sweden

Shit Happens

Faktum developed a communication concept after considering the most prominent connection between vendors and their customers – that ‘shit happens’. Faktum produced a ‘Shit Happens’ calendar sold by vendors, a t-shirt adorned with the slogan, and a viral video featuring Swedish comedians, all to get people to think again about the preconceived idea that homelessness ‘could never happen to me’.

2. Kupfermuckn, Austria

“You’re banned!”

Kupfermuckn’s campaign focused on the issues around public spaces and exclusion of the homeless. They ran writing workshops with vendors to collectively explore the issue, and led several events to reclaim public space. They also organised a Poetry-Slam involving other German-language street papers on the theme of exclusion in public spaces, to share the experiences they had had in their home cities.

3. Lice v Lice, Macedonia

Refugees in their own country: Returnees

Lice v Lice’s awareness raising campaign showcased the challenges and obstacles that refugees can face after returning to their own country. The Macedonian street paper organised an exhibition and created posters addressing the issue, to introduce it to audiences in local communities in an appealing way, and produced animated video stories to continue the campaign online.

4. Mi Valedor, Mexico


Mi Valedor believe in carrying advertisements that have a social value, and actively seek advertisers who are socially responsible. They collaborated with clothing brand Levi’s to produce a series of adverts in which their vendors modelled Levi’s jeans, to highlight that something as simple as changing someone’s outfit can change the way they are perceived, and how society should see beyond appearance and preconceived judgements.

5. The Contributor, USA

More to the Story

The Contributor relaunched their street paper in a magazine format with their ‘There’s More to the Story’ campaign, to communicate the changes and look towards a sustainable future. The design, messaging and implementation of the campaign was geared towards quality storytelling with a local perspective and positive social mission. The campaign framed the changes positively, uplifting and highlighting the affection that Nashville had shown to The Contributor in their first ten years in print.


Take a look at all the Finalists in the INSP Awards 2018, and use the hashtag #INSPAwards on social media to congratulate them!