INSP Awards: street paper finalists for Best Online Presence

Like all print media, cultivating a strong online presence is becoming increasingly important for the world’s street papers.

Our INSP Awards category for Best Online Presence reveals the diverse ways our members are embracing digital platforms as a way to raise their online profile and promote the product their vendors sell to earn a living.

After a tough round of judging, our international panel has narrowed down the field to these four tech-savvy finalists.

The winner will be announced next week at the Global Street Paper Summit in Athens and, of course, right here. Keep an eye on #INSPAwards and #INSP2016 for more updates.

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=Oslo, Norway

=Oslo uses Facebook, Instagram and their website to get out timely news between monthly magazines. Reaching around 50,000 Facebook users every day with their fan page, they tell vendors’ stories and interact with readers. “It is all about attention and goodwill,” they explain.
Twitter: @erlikoslo
Instagram: @erlikoslo

Mi Valedor, Mexico

Every week Mi Valedor posts inspiring quotes from their vendors along with photos of them selling the magazine. “This content has allowed our followers to empathise with homelessness,” they say. Supporters share their content to feel part of a positive change in their city.
Twitter: @MiValedorMX
Instagram: @mivaledor

Street Roots, USA

Early adopters of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, Street Roots use social media to tell deeper stories of people experiencing poverty. For #VendorWeek 2016, Street Roots staff spent the day profiling vendors on sales locations. Their news website features up to date content and an archive going back to 2008.,
Twitter: @streetroots
Instagram: @streetroots

The Curbside Chronicle, USA

Last August, The Curbside Chronicle began a new “Welcome Home” campaign through Facebook to celebrate vendors transitioning into housing. The widely-shared, much-liked campaign saw their followers go up by 75%. The posts have had practical outcomes with companies coming forward to supply furniture for the vendors’ new homes.
Twitter: @CurbsideOKC
Instagram: @CurbsideOKC