INSP Awards: Presenting our Best Breakthrough 2017 Finalists

We’re spoiling you today – hot on the heels of our Best Vendor Contribution Finalists this morning, we’re pleased to bring you the Best Breakthrough Finalists for the 2017 INSP Awards this afternoon!

This award recognises the special achievements of street papers that have made an important breakthrough in the last year.

Five worthy finalists, presented below, progressed to the judging panel who have deliberated and chosen our winner. We’ll be crowning the victor at the awards ceremony as part of the Global Street Paper Summit in Manchester next week.

The Finalists:

bodo, Germany


Football in Dortmund

For the start of the Bundesliga season 2016/2017, bodo teamed up with, Germany’s biggest football fan blog, to produce a collaborative special edition called “bodo schwatzgelb” – all about football, the BVB team and their fans in Dortmund. The editorial staff of worked on a completely voluntary basis, and the BVB allowed the sale of the magazine in the stadium during their first home game. The success of the project was shown by the sales figures for the months following the release, and by the huge media response.

Hus Forbi, Denmark

Hus Forbi

New distributing partners

Hus Forbi increased their distributing partners during 2016 to a total of 40, who support the paper by distributing each edition across the length and breadth of Denmark to the vendors. The partnership model has been used for many years, but over the past year Hus Forbi has further mobilised this and successfully involved the partners in a hands-on way, improving the relations between partners and Hus Forbi staff. This included a fund for facilitating social enterprises, and a seminar for mutual exchange of experiences between distributors and vendors.

Shedia, Greece


Deloitte research: “The Social and Economic Impact from the Circulation of Shedia Street Paper”

In January 2016, Shedia commissioned Deloitte consulting services to undertake research under the title: “The Social and Economic Impact from the Circulation of Shedia Street Paper”. The research examined all parameters of Shedia’s presence in the Greek socioeconomic environment. The outcomes were used to further enhance their presence in the social and publishing map of Greece, and it was the breakthrough Shedia were looking for to back up their work with concrete stats and numbers. A press release was issued and widely circulated, and the results featured in two consecutive issues of Shedia, raising a lot of public attention.

The Curbside Chronicle, USA

The Curbside Chronicle

Growing Curbside

Over the past year, The Curbside Chronicle has changed from an every other-month publication to a monthly magazine, making the transition in July 2016 to celebrate their third anniversary. Their monthly sales figures reflected a positive boost in the change, nearly doubling between April 2016 and March 2017 with the extra editions. They were also able to hire a second full-time employee – a Vendor Coordinator. As a young street paper, these increases in publication frequency, circulation, and staff have been exciting indicators of success and a real step forward for Curbside.

Ulične svjetiljke, Croatia

Ulicne Svjetiljke

Attending the Festival of Joy and Mercy

In late 2016, Ulične svjetiljke ran a breakthrough campaign to do more for their vendors, and in November travelled with half of their vendors to the “Festival of Joy and Mercy” in Rome. Their fundraising efforts were well-publicised on Croatian TV, and they were inundated with donations to make the trip happen. Whilst in Rome, they attended a mass held by Pope Francis, and some vendors were lucky enough to be chosen to sit in the front row. The trip allowed vendors to build strong friendships, and the publicity surrounding the trip saw their street paper sales increase by 10%.

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