INSP Awards: Introducing the 2018 Best Cultural Feature Nominees

Yesterday we unveiled the Best News Feature nominees for the INSP Awards 2018, and we’re continuing today by revealing the Top 10 Entries for Best Cultural Feature.

This award will go to the best feature, interview or story focusing on arts, entertainment and culture. Judges will consider a range of elements, including: original approach; incisive interviews; and excellence in writing style.

Our Awards for Best News Feature and Best Cultural Feature are drawn from contributions to our unique News Service, which allows street papers to share content with their international peers and makes hundreds of articles freely available for republication within the network.

Our top ten, featured below, now go forward to our editorial shortlisting panel, who will choose the five finalists. These will be announced in early August, and the winner will be revealed at the Global Street Paper Summit in Glasgow.

The Nominees:

1. Big Issue North, UK

Room on the broom
By Gary Ryan

Big Issue North

The sport of quidditch has evolved beyond recognition from its fantastical beginnings in the Harry Potter books, but JK Rowling’s core message of acceptance and tolerance remains.

2. Hus Forbi, Denmark

Cecilia Gosilla: The Female Fakir
By Poul Struve Nielsen

Hus Forbi

Cecilia Gosilla became homeless when she was 15-years-old and squatted in abandoned buildings in Copenhagen. Cecilia tells Hus Forbi about her troubled youth and her career in the performing arts, where she pushes her body to the limit.

3. Lice v Lice, Macedonia

Meeting Risto Donev: the ‘Macedonian Stephen Hawking’
By Maya Ravanska

Lice v Lice

Risto Donev has led a multi-faceted and fascinating life. He has written a novel, been a web hosting pioneer and attained the title of International Master in correspondence chess. He has achieved it all despite suffering from cerebral palsy since birth.

4. Liceulice, Serbia

“Every single wrong decision is also a step towards the final goal”: An interview with tennis star Novak Djokovic
By Liceulice editorial team


Novak Djokovic is a multi-grand slam winning, former world number one tennis star and, perhaps, Serbia’s most famous celebrity export. In this interview with Serbian street paper Liceulice, Djokovic discusses the foundation he established to give young Serbians greater opportunities from an early age, the values that guide him on and off the court and his experiences interacting with street paper vendors.

5. Megaphone, Canada

Feminist wrestlers are ready to rumble
By Quinn MacDonald


Gender stereotypes go out the window when the West Coast League of Lady Wrestlers get in the ring. Sensitive Shatters, Pandora Death Box, Punkasso and the rest of the radical Canadian group pull WWE-style moves and put patriarchy in a headlock. Megaphone pulls up a ringside seat.

6. Shedia, Greece

Boredom’s the charm when it comes to learning
By Maria Papadodimitraki


In today’s world, we shy away from boredom and are quick to turn to distractions in order to avoid it. However, embracing boredom might just be the key to broadening our interests, awakening creativity and finding lasting happiness.

7. Street Roots, USA

Naomi Klein on bracing for Trump’s shock politics while daring to dream big
By Emily Green

Street Roots

The award-winning Canadian author and journalist has just released a new book which took her only a few months to put together, something of an anomaly when compared to her usual process. In this interview, she expands on ideas covered in her writing, from climate change to the Trump administration’s manipulation of the media.

8. Surprise, Switzerland

An odyssey with a dog and a cat
By Gisela Feuz


After a 10-year journey through Europe, the artist Slavcho Slavov has found a home in Switzerland. Now living in Bern, he has added writing to his artistic repertoire and has written a book about his former life on the street.

9. The Big Issue Australia, Australia

Turn me on
By Dr Kate Devlin

The Big Issue Australia

There’s one part of the AI debate that always comes up in conversation: sex robots. Dr Kate Devlin explores what they will mean for the future of sex…and love.

10. The Big Issue, UK

A week with Mark Hamill: “At first, I wondered if Star Wars was a comedy”
By Adrian Lobb

The Big Issue

While filming The Last Jedi in London, Mark Hamill became a bosom buddy of The Big Issue. This is what happened during Adrian Lobb’s seven-day saga with the biggest star in the galaxy.


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