INSP Awards: Announcing the 2019 Best Photograph Finalists

We’re rounding off this week revealing another set of INSP Awards Finalists – the Top 5 images up for Best Photograph.

This award will go to the best example of a single original image captured by a street paper, and judged on artistic merit and storytelling ability. You can see the Top 10 nominees here, which we announced in April.

Our shortlisting panel have narrowed down the Nominees to give us Finalists, who now go forward to the main judging panel to select the winner.

Winners are revealed during the INSP Awards Ceremony held as part of the Global Street Paper Summit in Hannover, Germany, on Wednesday 19 June.

We’ve also launched the People’s Cover Award voting, where – for the first time – the public have the chance to choose an INSP Award winner. Cast your vote now!

The Finalists:

1. Asphalt, Germany

By Karin Powser

Asphalt said: The article “Politik sieht Straße” [Politics notices streets] describes politicians’ long-overdue preoccupation with the hardships faced by the increasing numbers of homeless people in Lower Saxony. Finally, help should be on its way to get homeless people off the streets. The photo by Asphalt founder and photographer Karin Powser provides a fitting representation of the sad reality of life on the street: two men, clearly homeless, one of whom has mobility problems, are pictured with alcohol around them, but are there for each other in their time of need. A billboard behind them with the word “fröhlich” [happy] creates a stark juxtaposition. This is Hannover.

2. Aurora da Rua, Brazil

A Dream Inside a Styrofoam Box
By Erikson Walla

Aurora da Rua said: Our photograph shows Rogério Santos, a hard-working dreamer with his feet on the ground. It is the work of volunteer photographer Erikson Walla, produced exclusively for Aurora da Rua. Living on the outskirts of the city of Salvador, Brazil, Rogério dreams of using the art of film as a means of giving attention to those who have no voice. Rogério is a “baleiro”. He sells sweets, popsicles and coffees on the city’s streets and buses. His story is just the same as many other Brazilians, who, faced with unemployment, have to find other informal ways to survive. Through a federal government funding programme, he was able to realise his dream of studying Cinema. Dream and persistence are words that pulse through Rogério’s life – he wants to work with the big names of Brazilian cinema or, who knows, go even further and work with international experts like Steven Spielberg. From a window as a vantage point over the city, next to his Styrofoam box, he contemplates a landscape full of possibilities in the majestic world of cinema.

3. Faktum, Sweden

Camilla’s Cottage
By Mario Phrat

Faktum said: Camilla’s best option when needing somewhere to live, away from old friends and drugs and destruction, was a little cottage in the countryside outside Gothenburg where she could live with her dog, Stina. So the social workers offered her this very simple living, 48 square metres, for 3,500 SEK a month, and Camilla started a new life here. It would soon be destroyed by many reasons. The social workers soon placed other people in the house that were not free from drugs and a very bad circle of abuse, violence and damage started. Camilla was scared and on top of that she and her dog became sick from mould and unhealthy water in the mill. The house that the social workers put her in was actually not a good place for anyone to live in from the start. It turned out to be a living hell. But who would listen to a former junkie, not trusted by anyone? The tests did reveal the truth though, and finally Camilla got out of the cottage. But for a long time she was trapped, paying rent for a house she could not live in.

4. Kralji Ulice, Slovenia

Queen and Queen
By Sandra Požun

Kralji Ulice said: This photograph was taken for the purpose of our poetry column “Queen and Queen”. The column is published monthly in order to raise people’s awareness and fight prejudice and discrimination against same sex couples; spreading the message that the love, relationship and intimacy between people of the same sex is something of everyday life and has always been and will always be present in our society. “Queen and Queen” talk between themselves in an interpersonal relationship involving simultaneous or alternating emotions of love and hate, something completely common when emotions are intense.

5. The Big Issue Korea, South Korea

From K-pop Idol to Volunteer
By Jungshin Lee

The Big Issue Korea said: Jungshin Lee is a member of the famous K-pop band CNBLUE. He plays bass in the band. Before he became a soldier (every man in South Korea has to serve in the army for two years), he went to Myanmar to help people as a volunteer. He took photographs of those beautiful memories and contributed these photos exclusively to The Big Issue Korea for free. The photographs, like this one entered, were sensational in Korea and many people were inspired by his photos, which captured the faces and lives of people from Myanmar.


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