INSP Awards: 2019 Special News Service Award Winner Revealed!

We are delighted to announce The Curbside Chronicle‘s photo story ‘Ghost Bikes’ has won the 2019 INSP Special News Service Award!

Ahead of the 2019 INSP Awards Ceremony in Hannover next week, US street paper The Curbside Chronicle scoops this special award, which goes to the most republished story from the INSP News Service.

14 street papers across 9 countries printed the piece based around poignant photography of white memorial bicycles laden with flowers, to mark the spots of cyclist fatalities and give an important message of road safety.

Executive Director Whitley O’Connor is pleased to see that the article has had such a wide reach around the globe.

He said: “When you’re putting together a magazine with a local focus, it’s easy to see the issues you cover as unique to your community. Having our ‘Ghost Bikes’ article published by street papers around the world is an incredible reminder of just how universal many of these issues really are and another reason why INSP is so important in creating a community for street papers to share challenges and solutions.”

He continued: “The INSP News Service is an incredible tool for street papers, and The Curbside Chronicle is honoured and humbled to receive the Special News Service Award this year. We look forward to contributing to and benefiting from this amazing resource for many years to come.”

The photo series was contributed by photographer Henry Hargreaves, who began taking pictures of the memorial bicycles after his own near miss.

He said: “All my work focuses on a subject very personal to me and it’s such a thrill to see the ripple effects of this spread out from the local to a global audience where people in far off places and cultures are able to connect to my ideas through these images!”

Hargreaves is no stranger to the INSP Awards, being the photographer behind The Curbside Chronicle‘s article ‘No seconds’, which won the 2017 Best Cultural Feature.

The 2019 INSP Awards will be presented on Wednesday 19 June in Hannover, Germany, as part of the Global Street Paper Summit. All other winners will be revealed on the night.

Congratulations to The Curbside Chronicle!


You can view all the Finalists for the Awards here, and use the hashtag #INSPAwards on social media to congratulate them!

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