INSP Awards: 2018 Best Cover Finalists unveiled

We started with 63 entries – now we’re down to the Top Five. Yes, it’s time to reveal the Finalists for our most hotly contested INSP Award this year: Best Cover.

The Best Cover Award recognises a cover design that has had a big impact on the street, whilst effectively telling a story. The front page should be striking – grabbing attention from passers-by and drawing them to buy the publication. You can see the entries that were nominated back in June here.

Our shortlisting panel have narrowed down the Nominees to give us Finalists in each category, who now go forward to the main judging panel to select the winners.

Winners are revealed during the INSP Awards Ceremony held as part of the Global Street Paper Summit in Glasgow, on Wednesday 22 August.

Which front pages have made the cut? Find out below…

The Finalists:

1. Kralji Ulice, Slovenia

I, human. I, beast.

Kralji Ulice

Kralji Ulice said: There are many conflicting forces within us lurking in the shadows. Can we actually recognise and accept the so-called moral duality within our own personality? Is there a stranger we know living deep down our soul? The cover is supposed to get the people thinking about their moral and value conflicts. We’ve all got them – no doubt about that. We are trying to get the readers ask themselves if they engage in moral and value judgement enough to ensure the uprightness of individual conscience.

2. Mi Valedor, Mexico

Edad de Oro

Mi Valedor

Mi Valedor said: This issue was an homage to the golden age of Mexican cinema (1936-1959), a glamourous era when the film industry held great importance throughout the world and brought economic prosperity to the city. The elements that appear in the collage are the Torre Latinoamericana (Latin American tower) which was built in 1948 and was the tallest tower in IberoAmerica at the time; an apartment complex designed by Mario Pani (city planner and architect who was influenced by Frank Lloyd Wright and designed the most emblematic buildings in the city) and Ciudad Universitaria (University City) (built in 1950 and now a UNESCO world heritage site); and a photograph taken by Nacho López, the most celebrated photographer of that period, who was known for his photo journalism and for photographing daily life in Mexico City. The colours, fonts and design elements hark back to these years of elegance, prosperity and artistic care. It was a highly relatable and nostalgic experience for the reader as it is an era that all Mexicans are familiar with. Thanks to this cover, it was our best-selling issue to date!

3. Nový Prostor, Czech Republic

Urban Settlement

Nový Prostor

Nový Prostor said: An issue dedicated to panel flat houses, a form of urban settlement typical for most of the post-communist countries. Cheap blocks of flats are still the home of 25% of Czech people – we call them “paneláky”. Once a place of depression and isolation is changing into a vibrant place to live. The headline reads “We love paneláky”, and this issue was one of the best-selling issues of 2017, showcasing the work of a very talented young illustrator called Nikola Logosova.

4. Shedia, Greece

Sex Education


Shedia said: Sex education is still treated like the “forbidden fruit” within the Greek education system. It was our feature story at the beginning of the current school year (November 2017), as we reported on educational systems all over the world (most notably the Netherlands) where sex education is an integral part of the curriculum and having great positive impact on students and society. We hope to see changes in the way people in power in Greece think about this important issue.

5. The Big Issue Taiwan, Taiwan

Growin’ Up

The Big Issue Taiwan

The Big Issue Taiwan said: Illustrator Nimura Daisuke conveys the sense of uncertainty and cheerfulness in the process of growing up through this bold illustration. The vivid colour and simple background of this cover expresses the purity and energy of the younger generation and at the same time successfully grabs attention from passers-by. In this Growin’ Up issue, we explored how growing up could sometimes be a sudden transformation of mind. It happens when a people take a leap inside their heart, a leap of courage, a leap of curiosity, a leap faith. The leap starts their story and thus make them stronger and better.


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