INSP Awards: 2018 Best Breakthrough Finalists Unveiled

It’s just one week until we crown the winners of the 2018 INSP Awards, and the excitement is reaching fever pitch! Today, we unveil the Finalists in Best Breakthrough.

This award recognises street papers that have made an important breakthrough in the last year. The Finalists now go forward to our judging panel to select a winner.

Winners are revealed during the INSP Awards Ceremony held as part of the Global Street Paper Summit in Glasgow, on Wednesday 22 August.

Have a look at the Finalists we’ve already announced, and find out the Finalists in Best Breakthrough below…

The Finalists:

1. Factor S, Uruguay

Attending #INSP2017 and advancing Factor S 

Factor S implemented a series of changes following advice and inspiration received at the 2017 INSP Summit. Advances included: new signage on the Factor S offices to make them more visible; creating and maintaining social media channels; a magazine redesign and change of logo; and a magazine subscription service. The result was a successful return to the streets of Montevideo following five years out of print.

2. Iso Numero, Finland

Crowdfunding for growth

Iso Numero ran a crowdfunding campaign, after repeated cycles of financial hardship threatened their existence. They were successful in raising their target amount, allowing the magazine to lease their own office space, and be published monthly for the first time. The campaign also raised the magazine’s profile, and the first edition of 2018 saw a 75% increase in sales. This was the first stage in a strategic plan to ensure a long-term, sustainable future for Iso Numero.

3. Street Sense, USA

How Street Sense Media became #MoreThanANewspaper

After identifying that customers of their newspaper were largely unaware of their wider multimedia presence, Street Sense officially rebranded as Street Sense Media. The new name was part of an ambitious overhaul that included a new colour scheme, a new mission statement, new vendor vests, and redesigns of the website and newspaper layouts, designed to show that they are more than a newspaper.

4. The Curbside Chronicle, USA

Wrap Up Homelessness

The Curbside Chronicle had two significant breakthroughs with their Wrap Up Homelessness initiative in 2017. Firstly, they were given space in a local mall to have a permanent sales location throughout December. Secondly, they partnered with rock star Wayne Coyne to design wrapping paper. Their collaboration received significant media exposure, and wrapping paper was sold to 43 states in the USA and four other countries worldwide.


Take a look at the Finalists we’ve already announced for the INSP Awards 2018, and use the hashtag #INSPAwards on social media to congratulate them!