INSP Awards: 2017 Best Photo Finalists Revealed

The INSP Awards are less than two weeks away, and we’re announcing the finalists for each award over this week and next.

Today is the turn of the eagerly-anticipated Best Photograph category – our shortlisting panel have narrowed it down from ten nominees to five finalists.

The finalists went forward to our esteemed judging panel, who have picked their winner. The winning snap will be revealed at the 2017 Global Street Paper Summit in Manchester.

The Finalists:

Hus Forbi, Denmark

Photo by: Mette Kramer Kristensen

Photo by: Mette Kramer Kristensen

“A homeless Danish couple said they hope to show that anyone can find love and happiness, after their wedding day made it into local and national media in the summer of 2016. Gilbert and Cappella Fricke – better known to their friends as ‘Teddy and Catfish’ – are both Hus Forbi vendors. Their wedding made it to the cover of Hus Forbi. Photographer Mette Kramer Kristensen’s photo catches the hope, the joy and the love of the summer of 2016.”

Lice v Lice, Macedonia

Photo by: Tomislav Georgiev

Photo by: Tomislav Georgiev

“The photo fits perfectly into the whole suggestion that this issue of Lice v Lice has – let’s play with the reality around us. Let’s just for a moment risk and try to see things like homelessness, hunger or exclusion from the other point of view. Using contrast, the ball looks like a moon on the sky, or like a pancake thrown in the air, waiting to fall back on the pan. The children are in a state of waiting, and the photographer catches the moment of anticipation – is this ball going to end in the basket, or not. Or – if you accept to play with us – will the pancake end in the pot, or down, on the floor. Again, our view depends on our point of view.”

Nový Prostor, Czech Republic

Photo by: David Háva

Photo by: David Háva

“We were interviewing two girls running a social project – where you can submit a picture and they will hire old pensioned ladies and pay them to brocade your picture onto a blouse or whatever you want. We are always proud of the main portrait photo, that should be innovative, funny, not too serious with high-level of technical quality. We don’t want to follow the stereotypes of charity-themed portraits.”

Real Change, USA

Photo by: Alex Garland

Photo by: Alex Garland

“This photo shows a man named Frank riding his security shift for the main camp, known as Oceti Sakowin, on the Standing Rock Indian Reservation. The image is the embodiment of this vital protest that continues on at other fossil fuel projects across the country. Frank is seen volunteering, overlooking the land on his white horse. Behind him are water jugs, tools, cardboard boxes and signs that read “No DAPL.” And in the sky, an upside-down American flag, a visual representation of the conflict between the land’s native people and the country that has taken it over.”

Sorgenfri, Norway

Photo by: Mari Vold

Photo by: Mari Vold

“I have lived in this apartment for eight years, and I like it a lot. I have four rats, two parakeets, to cats and a lot of fish here. And a horse, but not here obviously. I dream of a small farm in the countryside, with a riding course.” Tor Jonny (pictured).

Don’t forget to keep checking back next week as we reveal more finalists for the 2017 #INSPAwards. Take a look at the finalists we’ve already announced here.