INSP Awards: striking street paper cover finalists revealed

From the political to the cultural, the range of bold and beautiful covers nominated for the INSP Awards underscores the creativity in our network.

After an incredibly tough judging process, we can now reveal our final five.

Listed below, these striking designs range from an abstract Beyoncé to an x-ray – and even feature a very dapper street paper vendor from Oklahoma City, USA.

The winner will be announced next week at the Global Street Paper Summit and, of course, right here. Keep an eye on #INSPAwards and #INSP2016 for more updates.

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The Big Issue South Africa

“According to the World Health Organisation, there were approximately 450 000 cases of active tuberculosis (TB) in South Africa in 2013. This makes South Africa one of the countries with the highest burden of TB in the world… Our readers loved the use of the African continent as the patient’s lungs, emphasising the relevance of this topic in this country, and on our continent as a whole.”

The Curbside Chronicle, USA

“The cover for this issue features Robert – a long-time vendor for The Curbside Chronicle and a favourite of many customers. In this issue of Curbside, we featured a fashion article highlighting local bow tie makers The Clad Stache. We showcased the best bow ties of their 2015 Summer line, and the ever-so-handsome vendors of Curbside modelled all of the bow ties. It was a lot of fun and a great way to further incorporate our vendors in the production of our publication. It’s also a way to showcase our vendors in a different light to readers.”

Лице в лице / Lice v lice, Macedonia

“This issue was dedicated to SOCIAL (in) JUSTICE. The cover translates these many layers of social justice, into situations that everyone will comprehend. The gap is obvious and it becomes even deeper when one is ‘face to face’ [Лице в лице, the street paper’s name, means ‘face to face’] with ‘the other’ member of the different societal layer.”

Megaphon, Austria

“Be wild! That is something truly primal, something powerful that can easily get out of control – and, negatively, lead to violence. Where are the limits? How far can we go in being unfettered, stormy and free?”

StreetWise, USA

“The art from this cover is striking and unique. It completely fits within the atheistic of StreetWise, using polygonal shapes to create or accentuate pictures. The image is recognisable and is clearly visible across the street from a vendor. The image was also replicated into posters that were spread throughout the city in effort to attract new readers.”