INSP Awards: shortlisted street papers vie for Best Project prize

Be it music festivals and fundraising albums that put vendors in the spotlight, or taking a different approach to help them secure full time employment, the initiatives nominated in out Best Project category reflect the extraordinary creativity that our street papers are known for worldwide.

From a diverse range of unique projects, our international judging panel has whittled our nominees down to the five amazing finalists below.

The winner will be announced next week at the Global Street Paper Summit and, of course, right here. Keep an eye on #INSPAwards and #INSP2016 for more updates.

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= Oslo/Norge, Norway

Brylarm music festival

Brylarm is a music festival that is all about the vendors of the street magazine =Oslo. One day in March top bands and renowned artists take the stage with vendors. The artists appear for free, and admission is also free. The vendors are allowed to sell the magazine in and around the big festival tent, which is placed at a plaza in the middle of Oslo. This year, 1,500 people attended. The magazine is sold throughout the festival, resulting in a sales increase. The festival also allows the magazine to reach a younger audience.

L’Itinéraire, Canada

Le Café Roundhouse

Launched in July 2015, Le Café Roundhouse provides employment opportunities for aboriginal people, who are overrepresented in Montreal’s homeless and unemployed population. Managed by L’Itinéraire, the café offers a bridge between communities through food. It was opened with support from the local Ville-Marie borough. “As an aboriginal, you don’t get that many chances,” said employee Shirley Dewind, an Ojibwe from Winnipeg. “I enjoy waking up and saying, ‘Hey, I have a job. I need to go to work.’ ”


Straßenkreuzer, Germany

Album: Hamkuma af di B2

Since 2002, Straßenkreuzer has released an album each November. The street paper vendors buy the CDs for €6.50 and sell them for €13.50. The album features various genres, from pop to rock, punk to folk and country and always sells out. Each year, photographer Michael Matejka re-enacts a famous album cover with Straßenkreuzer vendors and staff. Last year’s shows Bob Dylan’s Highway 61 Revisited translated as ‘Hamkuma af di B2’, which in standard German means: Coming home to B2. The B2 is one of Nuremberg’s main access roads.

StreetWise, USA

StreetWise Transitional Jobs Program

The StreetWise Transitional Jobs Program prepares at-risk and low skilled job seekers to overcome employment barriers and transition into the labour market. Focused on soft-skills like communication, work ethic, professionalism and teamwork, the training prepares individuals for work in fields including security, manufacturing, home health care, retail, driving and food service. In 2015, 70 participants completed the training class. 38 obtained employment and 25 maintained employment beyond 30-day retention.

The Big Issue Australia

The Big Idea

The Big Idea is a social enterprise planning competition for university students, challenging them to develop a concept and business plan for a new social enterprise. The competition culminates in an annual Awards Event where the nationwide winner is announced. The Big Idea employs disadvantaged Australians to share their stories with students and assist with processing student entries, creating employment in the short term. In the medium to long terms, it aims to raise the profile of the social enterprise sector and stimulate social enterprise start-ups.