INSP Advent Calendar: day 17

Each day in December, #INSPadvent brings you stories from different street paper vendors. Come back each day to open a window in our celebratory advent calendar.

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Sorgenfri vendor Steinar. Credit: Erlend D Paxal

Steinar Schei, 53, Trondheim, Norway

I have never been homeless. But I spend a lot of time on the streets. I love trains, and the other day on the train station one of the security guys asked me “Are you here again?” I answered him that sometimes I fear I will meet my own ghost here.

I used to work at a place called Prima but I got fired due to some problems. Then one day I found myself with 4.5 Norwegian crowns in my wallet. I decided to become a vendor, and I started to make money right away. I have been selling Sorgenfri for eight years.

What is the best Christmas present you’ve ever received?

A trolley bag. It has been very useful to me when I have been out travelling. A couple of weeks ago I used it on a weekend trip to Copenhagen.

How do you plan to spend Christmas this year?

I will probably go to the church where they serve dinner, and there is some form of entertainment. Normally the daughter of my late foster parents invites me on 23 December for dinner and to exchange Christmas gifts.

If you did not sell a street paper, how do you think you might be spending Christmas this year?

I am not sure how it would be, but there is no doubt that the income from my sales helps me to have a better Christmas.

Do you have a special Christmas message for your customers?

I would like to wish everyone a very merry Christmas and a happy new year.

What is a traditional Christmas greeting in your language?

God jul!