INSP Advent Calendar: day 16

Roger has gone all out with his Christmas picture in today’s window of the #INSPadvent calendar! Donate to back INSP’s work supporting street papers and their vendors here.

Roger Perreault

Roger Perreault, 64, Montréal, Canada

I used to have a career as an executive of non-profit organisations. But after having experienced health issues, I found myself in a dire financial situation. So much so that I ended up homeless. Since I’ve started selling L’Itinéraire, the money I earn allows me to pay for a clean, although very small, apartment. And I like it very much because it is peaceful. I sell the paper at the Joliette metro station and on the street in the north-east end of Montréal. I have been selling it for two years.

What is the best Christmas present you’ve ever received?

When I was a kid, I was crazy about ice hockey. My parents gave me a complete hockey kit, including a replica of my favourite player’s sweater.

How do you plan to spend Christmas this year?

It’s going to be pretty quiet: a supper with friends and a break from my daily routine of selling L’Itinéraire.

If you did not sell a street paper, how do you think you might be spending Christmas this year?

I think I would be very much alone, because my financial resources would be insufficient to allow me to socialise.

Do you have a special Christmas message for your customers?

Please develop a greater solidarity with those who are less fortunate. Commit yourself to giving some of your time for sharing with others.

What is a traditional Christmas greeting in your language?

Joyeux Noël!