INSP 2009 board meeting

Left to right – Joanne Zuhl, Trudy Vlok,
Lisa Maclean, Serge Lareault, Michaela
Gründler and Arkady Tyurin. Photo
courtesy of The Herald

The board of INSP meets with the Executive Director Lisa Maclean every month by telephone conference and twice each year for a face-to-face meeting. This week, our 5 board members from Russia, USA, Canada, South Africa and Austria met with INSP staff in Glasgow for an important 4 day planning meeting. Staff and board reviewed the work and finances for 2008 – 2009; redrafted strategies on fundraising and marketing & communication; evaluated projects and partnerships; and drafted a new business plan and strategy for 2010 – 2012.

The INSP team were joined by various high profile lunch and dinner guests throughout the week, including David Schlesinger, Editor-in-Chief of Reuters and INSP Honorary President; Tom Thomson, Managing Editor of the Times and Herald Group; Roy Templeton, Head of Communications at BBC Scotland; Gillian Walsh from the Lord Provost’s International Office; and Mary Lyden from the Scottish Government’s 3rd Sector Division.

After 4 days of evaluating and planning, INSP is entering an exciting new phase. The Street News Service will relaunch next year with a bold public face and it’s first-ever Editor; new funding will allow for greater support and capacity building for our projects in Africa; and innovative new plans for business development and marketing are underway.

At the end of the week, the board meeting finished on a very positive note, just in time for The Herald to feature the article ‘The word on the street is that papers can make a difference‘ – about the success of the street paper model and INSP’s work; and featuring interviews with Lisa and the board.

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